IDEO + lvl

Service Design Internship @ IDEO + La Victoria Lab


internship - SUMMER 2014

I was lucky enough to intern with La Victoria Lab, a human-centered innovation lab ran in collaboration with IDEO. I developed graphics and artifacts to prototype services. I also assumed the responsibility for the user experience in the lab for visitors and workers. We had salsa classes, coffee workshops and service safaris! But the greatest of all were the people I worked with. A multidisciplinary group of happy people who taught me how to stay humble yet always hungry for more. And of course after working hard, play even harder :)

Sabina is has a optimistic and go-getter attitude that is both inspiring and infectious. Her ability to quickly manoeuvre between strategy work and hard design help push the team forward on several projects. Her amiability and pleasant demeanor naturally fit with her propensity to elevate her team members whenever possible. I’ll remember Sabina as one of the most proactive team members—don’t need to tell what needs to get done, much less what to do—that I’ve worked with. I would work with her in a heart beat, and miss her energy, sharp wit, and drive to do great work.
— Sina Mossayeb, Design for Change @IDEO // Co-Lead @ La Victoria Lab
Sabina is extremely positive and able to apply her energy to every-day work... she is very detail oriented with her projects, and has built strong professional relationships with everyone regardless of his/her hierarchy.... I not only recommend Sabina, but also would love to have her back at La Victoria Lab!!!
— Hernan Carranza, Chief Innovation Officer at Intercorp