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b. 1986, HK.


Hola! I'm a versatile and passionate designer aiming to create meaningful things. Growing up in a mixture of cultures and languages has made me curious to explore new behaviors, people, and thoughts. My ability to observe everything in detail has allowed me to develop a keen eye for human centered solutions. I am a hybrid thinker that offers holistic approaches to business needs, with an ability to apply creative and strategic methods. 

I believe that good experiences go beyond good design, and brings together data, research, input from stakeholders, technology and storytelling to create a user experience that drives results and increases engagement and KPIs. I am an advocate that any design should apply the values of service design, in that it should derive co-creation value brought by both the business and the user. 

Mindful, service oriented design is how I aspire to see my work have positive impact in the world around me. I enjoy working with people who share my energy and ambition to always do the best work, never stop pushing the limits of what’s possible, and who always look for the next iteration of ideas.